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  • Pronunciation /ma·gnì·fi·co/
  • OriginFrom latin: Magnifĭcus
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Language / Grammar
Italian / adjective
1. That arouses admiration or unconditional, sometimes enthusiastic, approval
2. Distinguished by a lavish liberality.
3. A new art movement based on maximalism and aesthetic, born with the aim of bringing art to its new fulgor.

Magnifico wants to give back life to art, dignity and meaning, strengthening in it the value that elevates the spirit of people and the whole world with its beauty.

Magnifico is more than just an artistic movement. Magnifico is a new way of conceiving art.”

Mani festo
Magnifico is an artistic, philosophical and existential movement that bases its power on the elevating value of each individual through art. This is our manifesto, what guides us in every choice we make.

1. On Magnifico

Magnifico wants to restore life, dignity and meaning to art, strengthening in it that value which raises the spirit of people and the whole world with the Beauty which, according to an old adage, will save the world. The beauty of the art generates beauty in the human soul. Magnificent does not let itself be blocked by new and old stereotypes about what art is or how the artist should be. It marks the rebirth of the arts, since the last dark period. It’s the Neo-Renaissance! Magnifico wants to elevate art, true art, starting from where it stopped, and from there develop it, bringing it back to the cities, to people's eyes, resurrecting it, like a small phoenix, from its ashes.

3. On the Artist

The artist of Magnifico, celebrates art and his own living, simultaneously, as one. The Magnifico creator is able to feel the presence of divinity within himself because he is constantly moved by the desire to live a divine life, and expresses his will at all times, so that his whole life is full of it. Magnifico's artists are brothers of different blood, united by their love for life and true art. They are artists who enchant themselves and want to enchant the public with their voice. The implicit task of every artist is to create works of art that help human beings to elevate themselves, and therefore show through art to live a Magnificent life.


Art is the centre of everything. Its meaning does not move upon a single theme, but rather on a common ethic: the elevation of the human spirit through beauty. This is the golden thread that unites and brings value to every work, to every artist. And beauty, to reach the heart of the public, must be manifest. The anatomy of a painting speaks as if it were using the words of its creator. The art of magnifico will always have as its central point the man and the woman, their body, their emotions, their battles, their stories. In every form. But always in respect of beauty, the fluid that can make the spirit move. Life here is hidden in every brushstroke.

4. On Society and Magnifico

It is from the single will of an individual, that society composed of individuals with similar ideas and attitudes, can become Magnificent. The task of Magnifico is to propose himself in every possible physical and digital way, to connect artists to society, so as to show the importance they have and transform it for the better. Magnifico with his creations, his will and his poetics, aims to enrich the world, to make it more beautiful and full. To raise the soul of human beings through the celebration of their miracle and beauty, engines for the realization of its maximum potential. Magnificent roars to the world to wake it up!
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Great tools to help

We are changing art in multiple ways, right now.

Magnifico Beaux-Arts

Have you ever bought a drawing sketchbook so beautiful that in the end you were afraid to draw on it? We too.
For this reason, we have decided to share our experience, creating this online art boutique. We have chosen the best fine arts tools at the most affordable price tag. Experience exists to be shared. And we want to share it with you. From the Artists, for the Artists.

Magnifico Artemisia

Named after the renowned female Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi, Artemisia is a powerful yet simple visual editor designed to fulfill the daily graphics needs of users worldwide.
Artemisia provides a full range of tools, from simple image editing to complex animation and graphic design, without the need for any software installation. Users can create beautiful visuals and animations directly in their web browser. For Magnifico members, the use of Artemisia is completely free of charge.

Magnifico Imaginum

Imaginum is our Digital Atelier of Real Arts, a supportive online community for artists of all levels of experience. It provides a cozy space for artists from all around the world to learn from one another, and develop a sense of community to defeat a common feeling of loneliness and lack of support they may experience in everyday life. Imaginum offers a variety of guides on topics such as art techniques, career advice, feedback, tutorial, experience exchanges, challenges, and group meetings. Imaginum is like a real Atelier, a place where artists can give & receive from each other and feel constantly encouraged.

Magnifico Omnibus

"To give voice to those who can change the world with the beauty they are able to create." This is one of our core visions, indicated in the Manifesto. This is the reason for the birth of "Magnifico Art Publishing": to give shape to thoughts and make known the works of the most magnificent artists. In this way we can pass their beauty to you, so that you can see it and may be inspired to make your own.

Magnifico ArtGuilds

Everyone needs help on their growth path. Someone to encourage and inspire them, to introduce them to new aspects of the world and new points of view. For this reason we have created ArtGuilds. A single platform that contains everything that can help you explore art, learning, creating and earning...so that you never feel alone in your artistic journey!

Magnifico Ars Academia

Becoming an artist, and giving life to the ideas and images you have in your head is one of the most daunting paths you can choose.And it is precisely at this stage that teaching, the best possible teaching, can be the only shield to protect yourself while you’re growing up as an artist. Magnifico Ars Academia is just this. It’s our most precious project, because we know how hard it is and we want give you the best support possibile to help you building you artistic self.

Magnifico's Visus

"To give voice to those who can change the world with the beauty they are able to create." This is one of our core visions, indicated in the Manifesto. This is the reason for the birth of "Magnifico Art Publishing": to give shape to thoughts and make known the works of the most magnificent artists. In this way we can pass their beauty to you, so that you can see it and may be inspired to make your own.
Great tools to help

Magnifico History Timeline

Oct 2019
Magnifico is Conceptualized.
Magnifico is Conceptualized.

The idea of Magnifico came to life that morning. As artists we were deeply unhappy with the actual ecosystem of the art world of that day. We wanted to change it for the better. And if no one else was doing it, then we would be the ones who were going to make it.

Feb 2020
Manifesto is written down.
Manifesto is written down.

A lot of things were moving under our skin. There were ideas, values, emotions that needed to get out of our minds. We decided to create a Manifesto to write all down and to express our values about art and the artist to the world, so to find the other brothers and sisters of this artistic movement. 

May 2020
Magnifico Beaux-Arts started its activity.
Magnifico Beaux-Arts started its activity.

Covid-19 interrupted part of our plans. The world was changing so dramatically and so rapidly. A lot of first projects were placed temporary aside. We concentrated then on Magnifico Beaux-Arts. Even during the Covid-19 crisis we were able to built a connection of suppliers around the world, to help artist get their art supplies everywhere they are. The service of Magnifico Beaux-Arts was launched for the USA only. 

November 2020
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.

Magnifico Art Magazine, part of our first ideas for Magnifico, finally became a reality. Our online Magazine is aimed towards all the artist and art lovers of the world that want to be inspired, helped, informed, about all the marvelous creations, techniques and art that is all around us.

February 2021
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.
Magnifico Art Guilds has been Reshaped. Now "Imaginarium" is born.

Our Art Magazine Made a huge leap towards the future and the artists. Its name changed and with that also it's structure. Imaginarium is now a platform for the Artist where every Magnifico Artist can speak with its voice and earn from it.

November 2020
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.
Ars Academia is now being Developed

Ars Academia, our online academy, is no more just an idea. Ars Academia is conceived as an invaluable center for art education, with multiple ways of teaching every single subject on a pletoria of different topics. Now it's starting to become a reality.

January 2021
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.
Magnifico Is reinforcing Its security

In order to garantuee our members a safe and enjoyable experience all around the MGNF ecosystem, Magnifico decided to straighten the online security of each and every platform with extra layers of protection both in-server and deferred in partnership with an online antivirus company

February 2021
Magnifico Art Magazine is online.
Magnifico becomes more social then ever

Withe the desire of letting the world now about our projects and ideals, we planned a complex series of social network interconnections and schedules. Now you can reach out with magnifico on Facebook, Instargam, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr. each platform will receive it's own content specifically designed to tain and promote both real art and real artists.

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