“Art, like It’s meant to be.”

Magnifico* Art Heritage is an international Artistic Association/Movement born in 2018 in Italy.

It is first and foremost an artistic movement  of traditional artists, 3d artists, digital artist, comic book artists established “in the common belief that the sense of what art really are is and its use are in need of a change, once again, from the terrible fate to which Art and Artists seems to be destined .  (Read our manifesto, in Italian and English).

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*Borrowed from Latin magnificus (“great in deeds or sentiment, noble, splendid”), derived from Latin magnus (“great”), from Proto-Indo-European *meǵh₂-(“great”).


Introducing the “Manifesto”

Magnifico is a maximalist art movement,

Which aims to redefine the concept of art and artist, rejoining the broken thread that connected art to its true and original meaning.

Some one said that art has already been made, that now it can only be observed in museums. But new, precious, unique, living, intense art is created every day.
Magnifico will now give it the space that deserves.
Magnifico breaks away from everything that has come before as “art system”.

We want to restore life, dignity and meaning to art, reinvigorating in it that value that lifts people’s spirits and the whole world with the Beauty that, according to an old adage, will save the world.

Art now returns to mean “Savoir-faire,” according to techniques and knowledge, with the intention of bringing to the world a work of art that is the maximum aesthetic expression of a single individual and its society.

Magnifico celebrates and defend the art and artists, of present and past, who have been and are able to understand and convey this true and unique value of art.

Art requires
time, knowledge, taste, experience, resources.

It’s value resides in all these
fundamental elements.

Magnifico will elevate art, true art, starting from where it has stopped,

Magnifico’s aim is to be the new lighthouse of awareness, whose light illuminates all the beauty in the world, which in this way will be visible and recognisable by everyone.

Magnifico marks the rebirth of the arts from the last dark period.
We are the Neo-Renaissance.

The artists of Magnifico are brothers of different blood, whose legacy is not in their technique or style, but in their love for creation, knowledge, passion and aesthetic, which is in essence, true art.

They are artists who enchant themselves and want to enchant others with their voices.

The implicit task of every artist is to create works of art that help human beings to elevate themselves, and thus to teach through art how to live a Magnificent life.

This is your Manifesto, our mission, and a way to remember always to live a fuller life as artist and human being.

“Beauty generates beauty in the human soul.”

/In brief/

On Art

Everyone can be an Artist, but not everything can be called art. Art means creating something “well made”, with Knowledge and Beauty and that has, for these two characteristics, Value.

On the Artists

The artists’ life should be meaningful, full of creations and well-remunerated. Every artist of Magnifico defends and promotes this changing with real actions.

On Society

The task of our Artists is to express themselves at their best and with their creations elevate society through the beauty they creates. This is the healthy way to evolve themselves, their role in the world and society itself.

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the MGNF Manifesto has been written for us and for you.

The artists of Magnifico are brothers of different blood, bonded by their love of life and true art. They are artists who enchant themselves and want to enchant others with their voices.

The implicit task of every artist is to create works of art that help human beings to elevate themselves, and thus to teach through art how to live a Magnificent life.

This is your Manifesto, our mission, and a way to remember always to live a fuller, meaningful, autentich and self-respectful life as artist and human being.

Read the full Manifesto

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Our Manifesto is just the beginning

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[…]the world is in fact pretty messed up, in my opinion. And now with A.i. an NFT they seems like the want to obliterate art. I was hoping for something like Magnifico tbh.

Sara Luciani

Digital Artist


A new Art EcoSystem

Indipendently Supporting Artists and Ourselves



The projects we have conceived are therefore generally aimed at anyone who feels and wants to live as an artist.

The economic self-management of the MGNF association was then fundamental to be independently sustainable and to operate major changes in the multiple aspects of the art world.

That’s why we created these places for you.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I had a lot of problems with my Patreon. Basically I had to do everything, from marketing to grow an audience. Fortunately not so much time after I’ve created my Patreon, I was lucky enough to discover ArtGuilds. It’s still in beta, but looking at what they were capable of creating, I’ll bet my skills and time on them. At least they’re working for the artists, not on the artists.

Marta S. Hayek


Laying out new foundations

Going beyond the MGNF Manifesto. We wanted to build an alternative, every artist can relate too.

We are going from theory,
To Practice.

The ideas laid out in the MGNF Manifesto aren’t a goal, they are a practice. To bring the ideas of the Manifesto into our lives we are developing an entire Digital Ecosystem for Art.

To create true changes, we believe words are not enough. We have to be creators of real projects, real alternatives, so that everyone understands that another way is possible, that living as an artist does not mean being exploited or manipulated by other people’s interests.
That we must not accept that things remain as they are

This is true for all creators of beauty, regardless of how they create. This is why every project in the Magnifico ecosystem is neither medium-specific nor theme-specific.

A better artist life at 360°

Developed to ensure a better life for every aspect of being an artist

Every project we have created and thought of, solve a specific problem of the artistic life.

For Example, ArtGuilds is designed to help you create valuable connections and to be supported. Visum aims to enrich your eyes and give you the best visual material for your works. Ars Academia is your new school where you can learn everything you need, to be an artist.

Every project is made to guarantee you better skills, a better creative process and a better future as artist.

See all of them

Non-specific platform for all creators

Because for every Artists, Creating is like breathing.

One ecosystem to support all visual arts

“What we are doing right now, is empowering artists to create beauty and have a sustainable life while doing it. We all know, since we are first and foremost artists, that creativity can be expressed in a variety of different mediums. That’s why we kept our platforms as “medium non-specific” as possible. This way every artist can benefit from it.”

Tamara and Francesco, Founders of MGNF

Traditional Artists

From Painters to Sculptors, every artist who loves to use his/her hands to create!

Digital Artists

Nowdays softwares make possible all sorts of creation! Magnifico is also for those who expand their imagination with Procreate, ClipStudio, Photoshop and so on!


Photography was born as an extension of painting. So every photographer is welcomed !

3D Artists

CGI, Videogames, digital sculptures. Computer graphics can let you express yourself in every dimension, even the third. How can someone say is not art?

Yep. I was hoping few month ago about something similar to what Magnifico is creating. A place to find a brotherhood and help each other in this beautiful but often difficult way of spending our lives. Never thought it was that big tho!

Andrea Fasano



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We want every member of Magnifico to feel special. Because as artists, they are.
Each member of Magnifico will be provided with a personal and unique card indicating all the benefits of being a member.

You can thus enjoy the benefits of being part of Magnifico directly from your smartphone.

It will be available for both Android and Apple.

(March 2022- April 2023)

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New! Membership Card

A closer look inside the MGNF

Get all the benefits right Here

In this ever-changing and interconnected world, we felt that an alternative was needed more than ever, for a sustainable life of the artists and art itself

The economic self-management of the MGNF association was then fundamental to be independently  sustainable and to operate major changes in the multiple aspects of the art world.

Here’s the benefits that awaits you as an active member

Welcome to MGNF,
Let’s the Art show, begin!

Exclusive Events for Members-Only

Participate in future events, contests and giveaways reserved only for MGNF artists/members where you can get different kinds of art goodies.

Digital Gifts

Many Digital Products on our Gumroad shop at zero cost* (present ones and future ones)
*You’ll receive a infinite coupon that gives you a checkout price of 0.00€

Imaginum Early Access

Get Early Access to Imaginum, a safe place, only for artist and art, where we can meet, talk and grow make, giving tips, tutorials, and answers about every aspect of the artistic journey.

Downloadable Version of MGNF Manifesto

Get the association’s digital Manifesto to celebrate and elevate yourself and your art every day.

“The Artist’s Gazette”

Receive “The Artist Gazette” directly in your in-box, with inspiring art, actionable guides and upcoming association benefits related to the various MGNF platforms, once a week.

500 Artguilds’ Basic Gems

Gems Are ArtGuilds’ currency for special, premium, unique content created by artists for the community. You’ll get instantly 500 gems.

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With a donation you will help MGNF to accelerate and make these changes more concrete.
You can choose for yourself to which purpose/cause you give your support.

Every cause stated here always refers to the aims and principles of the manifesto.

What we raise will then go towards what you want most.
Furthermore, by reaching the minimum donation indicated below, as a sign of our deep gratitude to you will receive something very special.

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Ba a Patron of Magnifico and its Causes

Support our cause of making art something wonderful again, both for the people and the artists

Supporting Free Online Art classes for children

Help us to create and sustain Free Art Courses to Children, so that every kid can have a healthy creative growth

Recovery of past books and knowledge

Sustain the research of the lost knowledge of the masters, that has been lost during the last century.

Art and Communication Events

Image Accordion Content Goes Here! Click edit button to change this text.

Fighting A.I. Abuse

A.I. Companies are posing real issues at the future of every kind of artists. We will actively try to prevent it from happening.

Platforms Development

Give a boost to the development of the platforms with which we are helping art to grow again.

If you want to know more about donations and our membership feel free to reach our F.A.Q. section to discover all that you need to know.

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We have a lot to do to accomplish all of these changes in the art world, so everyone’s support really make the difference in the long run.

This special gratitude package is available for every donator who will support us with the “patronum” starting pledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MGNF?

Magnifico is a maximalist art movement united in the form of an Association, that celebrates the rebirth of the arts and artists who are able to understand and convey the true and unique value of art through beauty.

In an era of radical transformations made at the speed of light, of comets and new giants, the sense of art and beauty was exploited, then destroyed and plundered, by people who rather than understanding aimed at obtaining, without restraint and without dignity.

Does being a members of MGNF cost me money?

A the moment there are no fee to join the MGNF Association, but this may change in the future (long term) with a “membership fee” which is usual for Associations. We decided to keep it to €0.00 for now to help everyone to benefit as much as possible from the community and projects we are creating.

For those who can support our mission/projects we made the “Patronum” Title as a sign of gratitude for their donation and support.

But as any other association, there are rules to be followed (which are based on our values and in accordance with common ethic and our manifesto) in order to maintain the status of  “member”. 

How long does the membership lasts?

The MGNF membership lasts like any other association, which means 1 year from the subscription (or  365 days). It’s intended renewed on an automatic basis for another year if not specified otherwise by you or by the MGNF association platforms.

Can I cancel It?

Yes, of course. To make it easier for you to cancel it if you’re not aligned anymore to the MGNF association’s vision, it is just needed to unsubscribe from the emails you’ll be receiving. We will automatically close all the accounts for you.

What is the “Patronum” Title?

The “Patronum” Title is given as gratitude gift for those member who donated at least the minimum pledge* to support the activity of the Association. It gives the associated member a lot of different benefits  during the entire duration of their yearly membership (1 year).

*the minimum pledge is intended in 28.95€

How long does “Patronum” Title last?

1 Year (or 365 days) from the date of the donation. It’s not intended to be renewed automatically.

Is the donation refundable?

To qualify as a deduction from taxable income, a charitable donation cannot be in payment for goods or services. Therefore, there is generally no basis for a donor to request a refund of a donation. To make an exception for one donor can disqualify the deductability of donations from other donors.

Press Release

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/ Let’s make the planet

full of beauty

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